HSI (Hispanic Serving Institution)


What is an HSI?

An institution of higher education is designated by the Department of Education as a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) when it has an enrollment of undergraduate full-time equivalent students that is at least 25 percent “Hispanic.”

Being a Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) is more than a federal designation at Ranger College. We are very proud to be one of the 572 HSI Institutions in the United States.


In 2022, Ranger College received the designation of Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI). This designation enabled us to compete for federal funding that increases our capacity to strengthen our institution, to renovate facilities, and to provide student services to our students. This designation is renewed on a yearly basis.

Ranger College received its first Developing Hispanic Serving Institution grant on October 1st of 2022. The Ranger REACH project is comprised of four main goals, and a particular focus is placed on Hispanic and low-income students:

  • Increase enrollment and early success of Hispanic and low-income students.
  • Increase retention rates for Hispanic and low-income students.
  • Increase Hispanic and low-income students’ sense of “belonging” on campus.
  • Increase graduation and transfer rates for Hispanic and low-income students.

Even though our program focuses on Hispanic and low-income students, we welcome all students!

Activities of Ranger REACH/HSI Initiatives

  • Construction of an Academic Pathway Center
  • Addition of Academic/Career Success Coaches
  • Tutoring
  • Professional Development for Faculty, Staff, and Administration. (Asset Based Mindset and Cultural Awareness)
  • Hispanic Cultural Programming and Speaker Series to increase sense of belonging.
  • Enhance orientation to include more families/design Spanish Language
  • Community and High School Outreach
Name Posistion Office  Cell Email Location  
Evelyn Guillen HSI Project Director

(254) 267-7072                     

(ext. 7072)

Not listed

eguillen@rangercollege.edu Ranger Campus Se Habla Español
TBD HSI Student Coordinator

(254) 267-7075

(ext. 7075)

(254) 264- 9389

TBD Ranger Campus Se Habla Español
Dona Maldonado HSI Success Coach

(254) 267-7079

(ext. 7079)

(254) 264-9387 dmaldonado@rangercollege.edu Ranger Campus Se Habla Español
Maria Guzman HSI Success Coach

(254) 267-7078

(ext. 7078)

(254) 264-9388


mguzman@rangercollege.edu Ranger Campus Se Habla Español
Christie Stroia HSI Success Coach

(254) 267-7073

(ext. 7073)

(254) 264-9385

cstroia@rangercollege.edu Ranger Campus Se Habla Español
Calvin Lawrence  HSI Success Coach

(254) 267-7074

(ext. 7074)

(254) 264 9385

clawrence@rangercollege.edu Stephenville Campus  

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