College Prep

The House Bill 5 College Prep Program was designed to serve students who have not demonstrated college readiness as defined by House Bill 5. House Bill 5 created a unique opportunity for Ranger College to partner with independent school districts across our service area to design the College Preparatory courses for English and Math, to be offered to 12th graders. In the partnership, our instructors and your K-12 educators have collaborated to determine standards, assessments, resources and professional development to offer the College Preparatory courses. As a result, we have built a program that is unique to us!

College Prep Learning Frameworks

Our college prep integrated reading and writing course begins with a 7 week Learning Frameworks course. This is an actual credit bearing course that examines information processing, memory, strategic learning, self-regulation, goal-setting, motivation, educational planning for the future, and learning styles. ALL of the topics covered helps with student success both inside and out of the classroom. One of the projects in the course challenges the student to make a five year plan educational goals, career outlooks, financial goals, and an action plan. This has been EYE opening for MANY of the high school students. The instructors provide a great deal of scaffolding so they are able to understand what college level work really consists of.  MANY of the students never dreamed they would go to college. Now, with the completion of PSYC 1100 Learning Frameworks, they see that they CAN have success in college.  Students who didn’t think they had a shot can be successful.

College Prep Integrated Reading and Writing

After the completion of Learning Frameworks, students progress through our College Prep Integrated Reading and Writing course. The course is a combination of reading and writing.  It is a great preparation for Composition I at the college level. After successful completion with a “C” or better in the college prep course, students are able to then take a reading/writing intensive course with us like Composition 1. After achieving a “C” or better in that course, the student is deemed “College Ready” with or without passing the TSI.

College Prep Mathematics

College Prep Mathematics works the same way. Students progress through College Prep Math their senior year in high school. After graduation, they take a college level mathematics course with us and are then deemed college ready.

College Prep Benefits

College Prep helps students save VALUABLE time and money that they would otherwise spend on several semesters of developmental coursework. EVEN if a student is certain he or she does not want to attend college, we are STILL able to help them find a career rather than just a job.  Often, students decide they DO want to attend college after all!

Ranger College’s College Prep Team

If you are interested in building a partnership with Ranger College’s College Prep program, let us know! Our team is happy to come to your campus, speak with your teachers, and help design a plan for your campus. We are offer annual continuing education for K-12 educators through our College Prep Workshop.

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