Associate Of Science

Associate Of Science

An Associate of Science (AS) Degree is a two-year undergraduate degree program that focuses on science coursework and represents the completion of the state-mandated core curriculum. The Associate of Science is designed to allow for the transfer and application of credits earned at Ranger College to the bachelor’s degree requirements at most four-year universities.

Download the Associate of Science degree plan (PDF).

What classes are in an AS Degree program?
An Associate of Science provides students with a foundational education in sciences. Ranger College offers coursework in anatomy, biology, calculus and many others fields.

To complete requirements of Associate of Science degree, a student needs to complete 60 semester hours of coursework. An AS degree includes 15 hours of elective coursework and 45 hours of core curriculum.

Will AS credits from Ranger College transfer to a university?
Ranger College is a nationally accredited community college, so the Associate of Science degree meets the requirements for transfer to most four-year universities.

Benefits of an AS Degree
1. The credits earned via an AS degree at Ranger College are much less expensive than comparable credits earned at a four-year college or university.
2. Ranger College helps to prepare students for a bachelor’s degree at a four-year college. Our student to professor ratio is 20:1, which helps to develop meaningful relationships between professors and students.
3. An AS degree helps students to learn more about themselves, their interests, and talents, while exploring various career paths. We understand that it is difficult to choose on a college major, and we focus on providing tools to decide on future careers.

Job Opportunities
An AS degree is geared toward both the sciences and math. As a result, it can be a great building block for students pursuing a career in healthcare, engineering, mathematics and many others fields.

Start of the Program
Each Fall, Spring, Summer Semester

Ranger Campus
Brown County Center
Erath County Center

Complete application must be submitted by the 1st day of classes



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