Pregnancy & Parenting

Pregnancy & Parenting

The Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights (OCR) enforces Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (Title IX), which prohibits discrimination based on sex in education programs or activities that receive Federal financial assistance. The Department's Title IX regulations prohibit discrimination based on pregnancy and related conditions in institutions that receive Federal funds.

The regulations make clear that Title IX protects students and employees from
discrimination based on pregnancy, childbirth, false pregnancy, termination of
pregnancy, or recovery therefrom.

In addition, the College must assist a student with reasonable adjustment to continue their education. (U.S. Department of Education).

How to Request Pregnancy/Parenting Support for Yourself or for a Student

There are many ways in which pregnant or parenting students may request support. These options include:

  1. Completing the pregnancy and parenting support form. After receiving the form our office will reach out to the student to discuss available college resources to help them navigate their pregnancy and parenting. 
  2. Email the student with the attached pregnancy and parenting support postcard. This will provide the student with information on how the university can support them and it will provide the contact information to our Title IX office. 
  3. Call 254-267-7135 or email indicating the request for pregnancy or parenting support for the student. 

Pregnancy Support at Ranger College

Title IX protects students who are navigating pregnancy, childbirth, and related outcomes. This includes their partners too! 

According to the U.S. Department of Education, the College must:

According to, SB 412:

  1. May not require a pregnant or parenting student, solely because of the student’s status as a pregnant or parenting student or due to issues related to the student’s pregnancy or parenting, to:
    1. Take a leave of absence or withdraw from the student’s degree or certificate program;
    2. Limit the student’s studies;
    3. Participate in an alternative program;
    4. Change the student’s major, degree, or certificate program; or
    5. Refrain from joining or cease participating in any course, activity, or program at the institution.
  2. Shall provide reasonable accommodations to a pregnant student, including accommodations that:
    1. Would be provided to a student with a temporary medical condition; or
    2. Are related to the health and safety of the student and the student’s unborn child, such as allowing the student to maintain a safe distance from substances, areas, and activities known to be hazardous to pregnant women or unborn children.
  3. Shall for reasons related to a student’s pregnancy, childbirth, or any resulting medical status or condition:
    1. Excuse the student’s absence;
    2. Allow the student to make up missed assignments or assessments;
    3. Allow the student additional time to complete assignments in the same manner as the institution allows for a student with a temporary medical condition; and
    4. Provide the student with access to instructional materials and video recordings of lectures for classes for which the student has an excused absence under this section to the same extent that instructional materials and video recordings of lecturers are made available to any other student with an excused absence.
  4. Shall allow a pregnant or parenting student to:
    1. Take a leave of absence ; and
    2. If in good standing at the time the student takes a leave of absence, return to the student’s degree or certificate program in good academic standing without being required to reapply for admission.
  5. Shall adopt a policy for students on pregnancy and parenting discrimination. The policy must:
    1. Be posted in an easily accessible, straightforward format on the institution’s internet website; and
    2. Be made available annually to faculty, staff, and employees of the institution.

Postpartum Recovery Support

Our office supports students during their postpartum recovery. This includes recovery from not only childbirth, but also loss of pregnancy, false pregnancy, and termination of pregnancy. The duration of this absence is determined between the student and their healthcare provider. The student must be allowed to return to their same academic standing and may not be academically penalized. There are many supportive measures for pregnant and parenting students, get in contact with your Pregnancy & Parenting Liaison to learn more on how we can support you! 

Breastfeeding and Nursing Mother Support for Students

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Breastfeeding/Pumping Resources

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Pregnancy and Parenting Support Resources

Faculty/Staff Quick Reference for Supporting Student-Parents

As faculty and staff, we want to be empathetic and supportive to our students who are navigating pregnancy and parenting. Understand that the needs for each individual student during their pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum recovery are very different. Some pregnancies can be high risk, whereas others are not; some students may experience morning sickness, whereas others do not; some may have many doctors' appointments whereas others do not. We want to support our students and be understanding to their changing needs, supporting students with the understanding that every pregnancy is different. 

It is the student's decision to disclose to you if they are pregnant. If a student discloses to you that are pregnant, please notify our office by completing the pregnancy support form.  This allows our office to inform the students of those supportive measures that are available to them. Please be aware that all information is kept private and that our office will not disclose any information about a student's pregnancy or related medical conditions.

During a semester, our office may send you faculty notifications of excused absences or requests for extensions on coursework on behalf of the student who is pregnant and parenting. Understand that we have verified this with the student and that our office documentation is sufficient for excusing absences and requesting opportunities to make up any missed work. We ask that you work with the student to accommodate their needs so that they suffer no academic penalty because of their pregnancy or parenting.

If you have questions about faculty notifications or would like to request a Title IX Training Workshop on Supporting Pregnant and Parenting Students, please email Lindy Matthews at If you yourself are a pregnant employee of the College, please check out the information on the pregnancy and parenting for staff and faculty employees of the College.

Resources for Ranger College Faculty & Staff

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Resources on Title IX and Pregnancy and Parenting

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