Student Organizations

Ranger College offers student organizations that provide opportunities for leadership, growth, and connection. 

The Student Government Association serves as the voice for all Ranger College students. Elected representatives work to advocate for student needs, plan campus activities, and allocate funds for student programs and services. Membership in SGA provides valuable experience in teamwork, communication, and leadership. 


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Ahmy  Arca


Phi Theta Kappa is the premier international honor society for two-year colleges. Membership is by invitation based on academic achievement. PTK offers scholarships, leadership development, and opportunities for travel and service. Students gain transfer credentials and connections that benefit their future education and career goals. 


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Lance Hawvermale

The Ranger College Choir performs at campus events, community functions, and music festivals. Members rehearse regularly to build their vocal and musical skills. Participation in choir promotes teamwork, time management, confidence, and an appreciation for the arts. Performances provide a source of pride for the college and joy for those in attendance. 

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Roxanne Jester


Are you interested in science? Are you curious to learn more about how science works and impacts your daily life? Are you considering studying one of the science majors at a four-year institution? Faculty and students here at Ranger College will be starting a new organization geared to answering these questions and more.

Who should inquire? Anybody for whom the following applies:

  1. Science majors or someone who will major in science or health fields at a four-year.
  2. You are enrolled in or have been enrolled in a science class here and want to learn more about other topics or dive more in-depth into topics covered in class but not enough time to ask questions.
  3. You want help in your science class.
  4. You are just interested in learning more about science and making new friends!

What will we do?

  1. Weekly or biweekly discussions about a topic in science.
  2. Student officers that will help choose the topics.
  3. Events for Earth Day and other similar.
  4. Possible chance for trips to the park of Tarleton Science Building.
  5. Gain advice about how to get involved in research and other important activities at a four-year.
  6. And much more!
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Jack  Francis

BYLAWS of the Ranger
Outdoors Club

Article I Name

The name of this club is the Ranger Outdoors Club.

Article II Object

The Ranger Outdoors Club is dedicated to encouraging walking, hiking and other outdoor
activities. We provide a self-governing structure for social enrichment of students that create
opportunities for the development of character and leadership skills within the interest of
outdoor recreation. Members will develop, practice, and share the skills needed to act safely in
the outdoors by learning through actual experience in situations that require good judgment,
risk management, teamwork, safety, and accountability. As outdoor enthusiasts, the club will
participate in various community service activities related to outdoor recreation as a way to
contribute to the local community.

Article III Membership

To become a member of the Ranger Outdoors Club, an individual must be at least 18 years of
age, complete an application form, and be a Ranger College student.

Article IV Officers, Committees

Section 1. Board of Directors. The Board will be comprised of 4 officers. The officers of the
Ranger Outdoors Club shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and Treasurer.

Article V Meetings

Section 1. Regular Meetings. The regular meetings of the Club shall occur monthly to plan for

Article VII Liability

Section 1. Liability Waiver. The Club shall not be liable for any injury suffered by any member
or non-member of the Club while on hikes, trips, or under any other circumstances. All
participants in any club-sponsored hike, whether a member or not, shall sign a waiver of
liability prior to the start of the event.
Section 2. Hike authority. All participants in a Club activity shall be under the direction of the
club leaders of that activity, and shall conform to his/her rules.

Section 3. Pets. For safety reasons, no pets are allowed.

Article VIII Financial Responsibility of Members

Every member signing up for a Club event where a cost is incurred shall be liable for his or her
proportionate share of the expense of the event, regardless of whether the member actually
made the trip or not, provided that the trip was actually made.
Article X Amendment of Bylaws

These bylaws may be amended at any regular or special meetings of the Club.



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Luis Ramirez

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