Vocational Nursing

Ranger College offers a one-year VN Program with approval from the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board and the Texas State Board of Nursing (BON). The program begins each August, or Fall semester, and progresses through the Spring and Summer semesters, completing in the subsequent August.

Upon satisfactory completion of the program, the student will be awarded a certificate of completion. Once the BON receives an affidavit of graduation (AOG), they will issue graduates a temporary license (graduate nurse or GVN) and an authorization to test (ATT). The ATT entitles the student to take the licensing NCLEX examination. Graduates who pass the NCLEX will be licensed as a Vocational Nurse by the BON.

The Vocational Nursing Program begins in August every year with graduation the subsequent August. Classes are offered in the following locations: Early, Eastland, and Stephenville.

The classes are face-to-face Monday – Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST.

Please be advised that in the event that enrollment drops below 50 students, classes will be held at the Early Campus only.

Clinical locations, days and hours vary. Traveling is required for all clinical sites.

⇒ To apply for the VN Program, please complete the steps below.

Process for VN Program


Apply to Ranger College online, if not already a Ranger student.  All guidelines for acceptance into Ranger College must be met: https://www.rangercollege.edu/student-services/admissions/


Official Transcripts: request and send two (2) official transcripts to

ATTN: Registrar’s Office
1240 College Circle
Ranger, TX 76470
Email: transcripts@rangercollege.edu

ATTN: Vocational Nursing Program
300 Early Blvd. Suite 105
Early, TX 76802
Email: kdavis@rangercollege.edu


Admission Test for Ranger College: The Texas Success Initiative (TSI) assesses entry level academic readiness for college. Fee: $30


Register for the pre-requisite course (when available): HITT 1205 Medical Terminology:

You must pass this course with a “C” or above. Applicants may be accepted contingent on completing and passing this course.


To apply to the VN program, contact Kathy Davis, RN/Director at kdavis@rangercollege.edu.

Apply to  the Nursing Program – Obtain and complete a Nursing Program Application Packet. The VN Application Packet contains:

  1. Vocational Nursing Application – PDF Format
  2. Reference Form (3) – PDF Format (a sample form is provided for review)
  3. Vocational Nursing Requirements: Immunizations – must be submitted via email or hand delivered only
  4. Pre-Admission Exam (PAX) – proctored through a third-party proctoring agent.

Pre-Admission Exam – National League of Nursing Pre-Admission Exam (PAX). The cost of this exam is $55. See the instructional sheet.

Students must achieve the following scores to be considered for the VN Program:

  1. Reading: 65%
  2. Mathematics: 55%
  3. Science: 25%

HESI and ATI-TEAS scores will be honored per the above scoring system.

Once the application packet has been reviewed by the VN Faculty, the following steps complete the process:

  1. Director of VN Program will contact you to schedule a peer interview.
  2. Acceptance/denial letters will be emailed to applicants within 7 days after the interview.
  3. If accepted, your information will be sent to the Texas Board of Nursing.
  4. The TX BON will send instructions regarding your Criminal Background Check.
  5. The Director of VN Program will notify you when to schedule your Drug Screen.



April 30 at 5:00 PM CST.

In the event that April 30 falls on a weekend, all documents are due the previous Friday before 5:00 PM CST.