Goals, Aspirations, Dreams. Our Ranger College Advisor Team is here to help you achieve them!
We recommended that all students participate in the advisement process. First-time college students and students who are not TSI complete are required to meet with a faculty advisor to assist them with registration. Students transferring from another college or students planning to graduate in the current semester are required to meet with the Director of Counseling to ensure graduation requirements are being met.

Is an Associate Degree Your Goal?
Use the links on the right to explore our various associate degrees.

Are You Here for the “Basics” Before Transfering?
You’ll need all of the courses in the TEXAS CORE. We offer them!

Are You Nearing the End of Your Basics?
Transfer to your institution then reverse transfer to get your Associate’s Degree!

Do You Want to Get a Jumpstart in a Career?
We can help with that, too! Explore the drop-down links above for information about welding, nursing, and many other certificate programs.

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