Public Speaking and Communications

Professor Corey Blais is the Director of Education and Assistant Professor of Speech and Education at Ranger College. He began working in higher education in 2017, and has been teaching since 2019.

Prof. Blais received his bachelor’s degree from the Baptist College of Florida, where he graduated at the top of his degree program with honors (summa cum laude). He earned a master’s degree in communication with an emphasis in education from Grand Canyon University. He is currently finishing a doctorate in education with a concentration in community college leadership at Kansas State University.

In addition to his other responsibilities, Prof. Blais belongs to several community service organizations, and also serves as a sports public address announcer for various athletic events including the Amarillo Wranglers hockey team.

Prof. Blais has a deep passion for students which is seen both inside and outside the classroom. His aim is to help students learn, and to see them succeed. He wholeheartedly believes that students are not mere “customers” – they are our purpose.