Mr. Gabe Lewis

Mr. Lewis is the counselor for Ranger College. In addition to his counseling duties, he also teaches psychology. He earned his undergraduate degree in psychology with a minor in sociology and a master’s degree in counseling psychology, both from Tarleton State University. When he’s not busy helping students succeed at Ranger College, his other activities include helping coach his sons in their sports endeavors as well as supporting his wife in her career as a high school coach.

Mr. John Slaughter

Mr. Slaughter obtained both his bachelor of science degree (psychology) and his master of science degree (clinical and counseling psychology) from Abilene Christian University. He enjoys teaching psychology and has worked in many capacities at Ranger College, including Dean of Instruction and Dean of Enrollment Management / Registrar. He is currently the Director of Institutional Research. He served as Ranger College’s Self-Study Director for the 2002 SACS/COC visit. His wife teaches at the Ranger ISD and they have lived in Ranger since 1988.

You may download Mr. Slaughter’s CV.