Phone & Email Directory

Our main campus number is 254.647.3234. The email address of Ranger College employees is their first initial followed by their last name (Jane Smith would be Optionally, you may click a name from the list below, automatically opening your email client.

Adams, Dayton7061Assistant Coach – Rodeo
Allred, Cindy1093Cosmetology
Archer, Reru7059JV Coach – Basketball
Bade, Geraldine7054Accountant
Bailey, Dixon7070VP of Workforce and Economic Development
Berlanga, Fabricio7045Athletic Trainer
Bermudez, Angelica7046Assistant Coach – Woman’s Basketball
Blais, Corey7069Registration Specialist
Bonney, Mike7000Security Officer
Brown, Jessica1073Math
Burch, Shannan4401Director of EMS Program
Burns, Shirley7019Secretary – Registar’s Office
Calfa, Vicky4133Nursing
Cammer, Ben7066Assistant Coach – Softball
Campion, William7034President
Cardin, Matt7038VP of Accreditation and Institutional Effectiveness; SACSCOC Liaison
Cherry, Evonne7042Bursar
Chesnut, Everett1092English
Cockburn, Jim7014Director of Student Support Services
Constancio, Emily7028Chair of the Division of Math
Culverhouse, Robert7057Dean of Enrollment Management/Registrar
Davis, Kathy325-203-5006Director of Vocational Nursing
Farfan, Audrey7066Head Coach – Softball
Farr, Michael7050Student Support Services
Feaster, Stan7017Assistant to the President/Associate Athletic Director
Fletcher, Norman7090Vice President of Instruction
Flournoy, Kathleen7049History
Fox, Darrell7000Director of Security
Foy, Bill254.267.7046Women’s Basketball – Head Coach
Geye, Gretchen325.641.5726Science
Gibson, DennisTBAChair of the Workforce Division; Chemistry
Gillispie, Billy7059Head Coach – Men’s Basketball; Athletic Director
Gillotte, ChristopherTBAMath
Glidewell, Jerry7030Chair of Division of Science
Glueck, HermanAgriculture
Gonzalez, Rafael7005Head Coach – Men’s Soccer
Graham, Kathy7067Head Coach – Cross Country and Track
Guillen, Evelyn7013Student Support Services
Hall, Brad7068Welding
Hall, Jon7012Directory of Library Services
Hampton, Sylvia7006Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Harriman, Jared7058Head Coach – Golf
Hawvermale, Lance7025Chair of the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts; Webmaster
Hayes, Wilda5013Nursing
Herrod, Wendy325.646.0022Cosmetology Coordinator
Honeycutt, Shayla7023Admissions Assistant
Hilton, Don7006Director of Financial Aid
Jones, Roger7026English
Keller, Brad7037Director of Human Resources
Kent, Jennifer1076Vice President of Administration
Knight, Louise7032Accounts Payable
Laurent, Gabi7059Assistant Coach – Men’s and Women’s Soccer
Lemaster, Chuck7060Director of Physical Plant
Lewis, Ann254-679-1092Geology
Lewis, Ashley1071Child Development Center
Lewis, Gabe7021Director of Counseling
Lopez, Ray7060Lead Custodian
Lucky, Kathy7015Assistant to the VP of Student Services
Madore, Brenda7009Director of Dual Credit Enrollment Programs
Madore, Jon7043Information Technology Systems Administrator
McKesson, JessicaTBAEconomics
Mendoza, Gaylyn7040Chief Financial Officer
Myers, KerenTBASpeech
Misner, Brittany1073Child Development Center
Moyer, Janice1070Child Development Center
Nguh, Jonas325-200-4132Dean of Nursing
Norwood, Scott7062Head Coach – Baseball
Park, Yong-Hee7016Government
Paul, Glenn7100Director of Information Technology Services
Popp, Veronica7162English
Preston, Raime7101Learning Management System Specialist
Prochaska, Dayna325-203-5015Associate Vice President of Brown County Center
Ramirez, Luis7020Dual Credit Coordinator
Rhine, Barbara4133Nursing
Rhine, John7011Director of Upward Bound
Roach, Jonathan7027Chair of the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Rodgers, Wendy7163Data Entry Specialist
Rogers, Travis7060Maintenance
Rust, Llew7061Head Coach – Rodeo
Schneider, Scott1079Welding Coordinator
Sharp, Kerri1090Enrollment Advisor; Administrative Assistant
Shaw, Kenette7070Continuing Education Coordinator
Shimosawa, Yukiyo7045Athletic Trainer
Shlygina, Nonna7001Marketing Specialist
Silverio, AndrewTBAMath
Slaughter, John7024Director of Institutional Research
Smith, Nicole7018Head Coach – Volleyball
Snow, Jeff1075Machining Coordinator
Steele, Marlene325.356.2170Nursing
Stringer, Cynthia254.647.3120Bookstore Manager
Sullivan, Christina1074Child Development Center
Taylor, Rachel1072Child Development Center
Tinsman, Janise325.200.4132Nursing
Tyson, Patrice7033Operator; Receptionist; Mail Manager
Van Horne-Carguill, Etla325.200.4133Nursing
Vermillion, Jeani7022Assistant Librarian
Warren, Gordon325.641.5726Vice President of Brown County Center
Wells, Tommy7002Sports Information Officer/Public Relations
Wiseman, Jessica7003Choir Director
Woerner, Whitney1071Director of the Child Development Center
Woolam, Gordon1078Biology
Worrels, Derrick7010Vice President of Student Services
Worrels, Stephanie1087Assistant Vice President at Erath County Center
Yeats, Alta5011Administrative Assistant, Brown County Center
Young, Kim1091Cosmetology