Nursing Programs

Ranger College proudly offers three successful nursing programs. Please visit these links to learn more about nursing opportunities at Ranger:

Associate Degree in Nursing (RN)

  • Registered Nurse (RN)
  • LVN to RN Bridge

Vocational Nursing (LVN)

The $2.8 trillion healthcare industry in the United States is so large that it’s practically an economy in itself. It is poised to grow – and change – dramatically over the next decade.

In fact, seven of the ten fastest-growing careers are in healthcare, with Registered Nurses in especially high demand. The Labor Department projects the addition of about 440,000 new job openings for RNs through 2024, and nearly 700,000 retirements in the field. This makes a nursing degree a sure bet.

It’s a bet that pays off. Nursing is among the best-paid healthcare professions, with a relatively smaller education and training investment. RNs are licensed by the state, but they typically also hold either an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in nursing. Many begin with a two-year degree and work their way up the education and pay ladders while working in the field.

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