Music & Choir

The Ranger College choral program has become a highlight of the Ranger College campus.  The program has grown to include four choirs and has set a standard of excellence for community college choirs.  Our students are active in our community and enjoy performing at Ranger College activities.

In addition to their many musical accomplishments, our students are highly successful outside of choir.  Our students are routinely named to the Dean’s List and President’s List for their academic accomplishments.  Several of our students are also vital members of our outstanding Ranger College athletic teams.

Meet the Director
Ms. Jessica Wiseman

As Ranger College Choir Director, I would like to take an opportunity to introduce myself.

Throughout my 14+ year-career, I have taught choir, band, music theory, drama, and media arts.  I graduated Suma Kum Laude with my bachelor’s degree in music education from Kent State University.  I went on to earn my master’s degree in music education from Capital University.  From there, I also received my  Kodaly certification.

My students have received many accolades for their accomplishments, including numerous superior ratings at solo, ensemble, and large group competitions. They have been selected to perform at the Ohio Music Education Association’s Professional Development conference and have served as the demonstration for the Kodaly institute at Capital University.

In addition to my teaching responsibilities, I have worked on staff with the young actor’s program at Weathervane Playhouse, where I served as Theater Education Director.  I have taught private instruction in piano, instrument, and voice.  When not working with young musicians, I am active at my church and enjoy performing on my bass guitar as part of our worship team.  I spend my free time with my beautiful cat, Gracie, and my best buddy, my dog Charlie.

I invite you to become a member of the Ranger College choir.

Why Join the Choir?

  1. You have the opportunity to earn scholarships which, combined with the low Ranger tuition, reduce post college debt.
  2. You can continue to develop your love for singing while still pursuing one the many associate’s degree and career paths at Ranger.
  3. Over the past few years the Ranger College Choir has dramaticly grown and expanded. You can be a part of this development and make your mark on the program.
  4. Your academic advisor will be the music director. This will provide you with someone who will constantly monitor your academic success.
  5. The Ranger choirs regularly organize and participate in choir and campus wide activities which allows the group to become a close friend group.

Audition Dates
The Ranger College Choir hosts two audition days each academic year.  These days provide prospective students with the opportunity to meet our Ranger staff and students, tour the campus, and hear our choirs perform.  At the conclusion of the day, each candidate will interview and audition with the director.

Audition Materials: Prospective students should prepare a solo to sing at their audition.  This solo can be any genre and should show the students range and vocal abilities.  At the audition, students may be asked to perform additional vocal exercises.

Audition Dates: Use this link to audition on February 28:  Use this link to audition on April 17.

How do I receive a music scholarship?
Music scholarships will be awarded after the student auditions with the director.  The awarding of scholarships will be based on the students prepared solo and interview with the director.

Do I have to be a music major to receive a music scholarship?
No. You simply have to agree to the requirements of the scholarship which generally include but are not limited to the following: 1. Participate in the assigned ensemble(s); 2. Register as a full-time student (minimum load of 12 semester hours); 3. Maintain a 3.0 grade point average (GPA) in your music ensemble and an overall GPA of 2.0 in all classes.

May I receive a scholarship for more than one semester?
Yes. Generally, students will receive their scholarship for at least four semesters, providing they fulfill the scholarship requirements.

Can I participate in other Ranger activities while sing in the Ranger choir?
Yes.  Many of our choir students are vital members of several of our outstanding athletic teams.  In addition, several of our students are members of the Phi Theta Kappa honors society.

What other types of financial aid are available at Ranger College?
Students are encouraged to complete financial aid forms that are available from the Office of Financial Assistance. This office will assist you with other types of financial assistance, some which are based on merit, others which are based on need.

Music Scholarships

To apply for a scholarship with our music and choir programs, please email Ms. Wiseman directly at