Home School Dual-Credit

We are thrilled to offer local home-school students the opportunity to enroll in our dual credit course Learning Frameworks for $0 tuition and fees.

Learning Frameworks is a one-credit hour college course that discusses goal setting, time management, navigation of higher education, career exploration, and other valuable information that students need as they plan for their futures. Learning Frameworks is also a wonderful way for students who have never taken a dual credit course to see if it is a good fit for them.

To enroll in this free program please complete the following items:

  1. Online application for admissionhttps://www.rangercollege.edu/admissions.html
  2. Memorandum of Understanding (see Links and Downloads) Fill in the blank at the top of the document with the official name of your homeschool. Do not enter a student name in this field.

You may sign and email the document to us at:


Or a signed physical copy may be returned to:

Ranger College
Attn: Dual Credit
1100 College Cir.
Ranger, TX 76470

3. Parent Permission Form

4. Transcript/s: Submit a current high school transcript as well as an official transcript from any other college that the student has attended as a dual credit student.

5. Registration Form: https://forms.gle/o1mgtuJCH5CxZMy29

Deadline for enrollment: August 21, 2020, all materials must be submitted previous to this date.

Please visit our webpage to watch a short orientation video and access more information. https://www.rangercollege.edu/dual-credit/

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