Continuing Education Classes

All continuing education class registration is due at the time of registration. All classes have a minimum requirement of students, if the minimum is not met three days prior to the class start date then the class will be cancelled and refunds will be issued to those that have registered. To register please fill out the application and email it back to Keni Shaw:

For any additional questions please contact Keni Shaw directly.

Classes Offered: 

Ability to Work ($100): 

  • Resume Writing, Interview Skills, Teamwork, Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

Concealed Handgun ($100): 

  • Preparation for Certification to carry a handgun

Drones ($500): 

  • ASA Part 107 Prep

Google Basics ($75): 

  • Account Basics, Creating and Managing a Gmail Account, Learning Gmail Photos, Maps, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Course Evaluation

Low Impact Exercise and Nutrition ($65): 

  • Personal Fitness and Nutrition Goals, Modified Workouts for any Fitness Level and Fun Personalized Training for Any Age or Fitness Level

Microsoft Excel Basics ($75): 

  • Overview and Uses of Excel Vocabulary, Creating and Loading Files, Saving and Adding Extensions, Creating a Spreadsheet, Pivot Table, Charts, Tables and Basic Formulas

Microsoft Powerpoint Basics ($75): 

  • Overview and Uses of Powerpoint Vocabulary, Creating and Loading Files, Creating a Slide Master and Presentations, Formatting

Microsoft Word Basics ($75): 

  • Overview and Uses of Word Vocabulary, Understand Tabs and Ribbons, Creating and Saving Documents, Designs, and Layouts

CANCELLED – Culinary ($250): 

  • (Must be 16+ yrs of age) Overview on Basics of Cooking, Measuring Techniques for Ingredients, Knife Safety and Uses, Food Safety and Certification – 4 Cooking Sessions

CANCELLED – Life Skills ($250): 

  • (Must be 16+ yrs of age) Overview on Self Care, Managing Stress, Defining Healthy Relationships, Healthy Eating Habits and Fitness



Ability To WorkTu,Thu8/2-8/11 (5:15 – 6:15PM)
Concealed HandgunSat7/23 (8AM – 2PM)
Concealed HandgunSat8/13 (8AM – 2PM)
Concealed HandgunSat8/27 (8AM – 2PM)
DronesFrSatSun7/14-7/16 (10AM – 5PM)
DronesFrSatSun8/4-8/6 (10AM – 5PM)
Goggle BasicsM,W7/18-7/20 (6 – 8PM)
Google BasicsT,Thu7/19-7/21 (6 – 8PM)
Low Impact Exercise and NutritionTuThu7/19-8/11 (12 – 1PM)
Microsoft Excel BasicM7/18-8/8 (10AM – 12PM)
Microsoft Excel BasicM7/18-8/8 (2-4PM)
Microsoft Powerpoint BasicTu7/19-8/9 (10AM – 12PM)
Microsoft Powerpoint BasicTu7/19-8/9 (2 – 4PM)
Microsoft Word BasicW7/20-8/10, (10AM – 12PM)
Microsoft Word BasicW7/20-8/10, (2 – 4PM)
CANCELLED – CulinaryTu,Thu7/12-8/4 (11AM – 1PM)
CANCELLED – Life SkillsTu,Thu7/25-8/18 (1 – 3PM)

Contact Us

Kenette Shaw
Director of Workforce Development & Continuing Education
Ranger College
1100 College Circle
Ranger, TX 76470
254-647-3234, Ext. 7070

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