Education is Key

Ask almost any student or graduate and they’ll tell you a compelling story of how Ranger College changed his or her life. How a professor inspired them. How services like tutoring and supplemental instruction were instrumental. How their plan to transfer core classes worked perfectly. How Ranger College was exactly what they needed it to be.

It’s been that way since we opened our doors 90 years ago. It’s our mission to educate, enrich, and empower students. We believe in the transforming power of education for each of our students.

Making Dreams a Reality
Ranger College students stay and work in our community, rebuilding the local economy one day and one job at a time. Their education enriches their lives and adds to the quality of the community. Of our more than 10,500 graduates, over 79% live and work in Texas. But it’s not just students who reap the benefits of Ranger College. Together, the average annual added income due to activities, employees, and students is more than $100 million. In addition, state and local governments see a rate of return on their support for Ranger College, primarily due to lower social program costs and reduced crime rates. This positively impacts our community and local economy.

Ranger College gives students permission to dream, and then prepares them to achieve those dreams. By helping students develop a taste for learning and by providing experiences that will lead to opportunities, we’re preparing the nurses, welders, and scientists that this region needs. At Ranger College, we know education is the key to success.

High-Demand Careers Begin Here

Ranger College prepares students for great careers in high-demand, high-wage fields. We offer small class sizes and class times that fit students’ schedules at our three locations: Ranger College in Ranger, Brownwood Center in Early, TX and the Erath County Center in Stephenville, TX.

Included in the degree requirements for the Associate of Arts and the Associate of Science degree is a 44- and 45-hour core of general education courses that emphasize the need for basic intellectual competencies-–reading, writing, speaking, critical thinking, and computer literacy–as well as broad intellectual perspectives including historical and political consciousness; multicultural awareness; numerical comprehension and analysis; and concern about ethics, aesthetics, personal and social values. These courses are designed not only to help students understand and appreciate their heritage but also to prepare for responsible citizenship in a rapidly changing and highly technological world. Competency in each of the core components is established by successful completion of the appropriate courses.

Ranger Round-Up a Success!

Ranger Round-Up Friends

Throughout the summer of 2017, students from around the world visiting Ranger College campuses for the first time. At Ranger Round-Up, incoming freshmen register for classes, meet their professors, and get excited for the new collegiate year. These freshman orientations are the best way to prepare for success, in and out of the classroom. Welcome to Ranger!