Student Achievement Data

Ranger College evaluates student achievement using multiple criteria defined in its Strategic Plan that are appropriate to its mission, which is “to transform lives and give students the skills to be a positive influence in their communities”.

In accordance with the Strategic Plan Objectives 2.1 and 2.7, the primary emphasis for evaluating student achievement is placed on four criteria:

  • Fall-to-fall retention (increase by 4% per year from baseline of Fall 2017)
  • Three-, four-, and six-year graduation rates (meet or exceed statewide averages)
  • Transfer rates (increase by 5% per year from baseline 2017)
  • Licensure pass rates (Meet or exceed statewide averages)

Links and Downloads

The measurements for graduation, transfer and licensure pass rates can be found in the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board’s (THECB’s) Accountability Reports:

2017 THECB Accountability Report
2018 THECB Accountability Report
2019 THECB Accountability Report
2020 THECB Accountability Report
2021 THECB Accountability Report


Debbie Karl
Vice President Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation Liaison
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