Dr. Norman Fletcher

After obtaining his associate’s degree, Dr. Norman Fletcher earned a bachelor’s and master’s degree in mathematics from Texas A&M at Commerce. He then completed his Ed.D at Texas A&M at Commerce, with an emphasis in curriculum development, supervision, and instructional strategy development.

Dr. Fletcher is a published author of instructional mathematics software and is also a former National Science Foundation fellow, a NISOD fellow, and a Minnie Stephens Piper Professor. He is the owner-operator of the 5F5 Ranch, where he raises Mediterranean Miniature donkeys and horses.

Mrs. Jessica Brown

Mrs. Brown teaches beginning-level math courses. Her degree is in Mathematics with Secondary Certification from Tarleton State University. She has taught at the secondary and post-secondary levels. She loves helping students to see math in an uncomplicated way. Eliminating fear from the equation is her main tactic in teaching math.

When Mrs. Brown isn’t teaching, she helps her husband in their ministry. She loves her role as a “preacher’s wife” and feels blessed to be part of a church family. The Browns live on a small yet growing farm and enjoy spending time with their two dogs. Mrs. Brown loves her job at Ranger and finds joy every day in encouraging her students to achieve their dreams.

Ms. Rebbecca Plowman

Ms. Plowman was born and raised in Michigan. A first-generation college graduate, she earned her first degree and her love for mathematics at Montcalm Community College. From there she attended Central Michigan University, where she earn bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics and worked as a graduate teaching assistant. She believes that mathematics is about a way of thinking, analyzing, and perceiving the world. She wishes to teach others to see the beauty and fun in mathematics.

Other than mathematics, Ms. Plowman also has an interest in cryptography, martial arts, and Middle Eastern dance. She lives in Stephenville with her son and their pet fish.

Dr. Paul Prueitt

After completing his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Texas at Arlington, Dr. Prueitt earned a master’s degree in pure mathematics from Southern Methodist University. He returned to University of Texas at Arlington to earn a PhD in pure and applied mathematics. Before coming to Ranger College, Dr. Prueitt taught at George Washington University, Georgetown University, and Northfield University. His focus has been on modeling natural systems that learn. He has publications in theoretical immunology, biological feasible neural networks, and computing architecture.

Mrs. Chan Mi Park

After obtaining her bachelor’s degree in mathematics and education from Anderson University at Indiana, Mrs. Park earned a master’s degree in pure mathematics from Georgia Southern University. While at GSU she worked as a graduate assistant. Her current topic of interest is based in the control theory sphere of multiple input and multiple output nonlinear dynamical systems.

Mr. Isaac Voegtle

Following his graduation from Anderson University in Indiana with bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and physics, Mr. Voegtle earned a master’s degree from Georgia Southern University in mathematics. His thesis, and most recent topic of interest, covered manipulations of Bessel functions and further applications to differential equations through the Hankel Transformation.

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