Ranger holds record sized graduation

STEPHENVILLE – For the first time in 92 years, Ranger College held its spring graduation in Erath County and they did so in record numbers.

Nearly 200 students, 199 to be exact, walked the stage at the Cowboy Church of Erath County. The increase in size was due to the record number of dual credit students who earned a degree or certificate before their high school diploma. Seventy-four high school students took part in the ceremony, that number pushed the total number of dual credit graduates at RC to 184.

Five students were honored for posting the highest-grade point average in their school’s history accounting for the addition of dual credit classes.

Brianna Karasek from Dublin High School.

Saylor Vasquez, the first ever DC grad from Ranger High School.

Former Comanche High School quarterback Bronte Hermesmeyer.

Gracie Carr from Newcastle High School.

Skye Hosch from Eastland High School.

Eighteen students, both high school and college were honored with a plaque for their achievements highlighted by the students of the year Sy Davis Felton from Dublin, Jessica Kaylee Meador from Rising Star and Jale Gosch form Neustadt, Holstein, Germany.

A trio of non-students were honored for their contributions to Ranger College. Whitney Ulbricht, Leanne Ingram and Heather Cuellar.

The location of next spring’s graduation has yet to be decided, but it is expected to break the record set over the weekend for the number of graduates.

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