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Here you'll find the information you need to succeed at Ranger College. Use the links on the right for information on a wide variety of topics important to students, from counseling to obtaining a PDF of the student handbook.

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Your Email Account

To set up your Ranger College account, go to Your username will be Your password will be your birthday in this format: MMDDYYYY. For example: "" with password "08191988." If this doesn’t work, please try "ranger1926" as the password. If you have any issues, please see our FAQ document.

Your temporary password is your student ID number, or your birthday in numeric format, or "rangercollege". It will then prompt you to change your password. If you should forget your password or have problems setting up your email, please contact Mr. Mike Beran, director of IT, at

Contacting Your Instructor

To find the email address of your online instructor, download our contact sheet. This PDF contains the names and email addresses of all Ranger College online faculty members.


Ranger College provides academic advising to assist students with course selection, career choices, transferability of courses, and other pertinent information which will enable them to be successful in college. Students will meet with a faculty advisor or counselor prior to the beginning of each semester to assist them in progressing toward their educational goals. Students are also encouraged to meet with an advisor periodically throughout the semester to plan for the next semester and address any questions concerning the advisement process.

It is recommended that all students participate in the advisement process. First-time college students and students who are not TSI complete are required to meet with a faculty advisor to assist them with registration. Students transferring from another college or students planning to graduate in the current semester are required to meet with the Director of Counseling to ensure graduation requirements are being met.

Get your Ranger card! Ranger ID Card

All students should obtain a Ranger ID Card, which also serves as a debit card. Get more information here or by clicking the card's image.

Associate Vice President of Students

Our Associate VP of Students is Mr. Manuel McGriff. Please call or visit his office in the library for assistance wtih all questions relating to dorm life and general student information.

Ranger College, Dean of Students
1100 College Circle
Ranger, TX 76470

Phone: 254-647-3234,ext. 226

Grievance Report

The Associate VP of Students serves as the Grievance Officer for Ranger College Students. For information regarding the College's Grievance Policy, please refer to the Student Handbook. You may also download a Grievance Report Form to submit to the Associate VP of Students.