Dr. Jerry Glidewell

Dr. Jerry Glidewell, Science Division Chair, earned his bachelor’s degree in 1972 and a master’s in biology two years later, both from the University of Texas at Arlington. He holds a Ph.D. in biology from the University of North Texas.

Dr. Glidewell has conducted research on neo-tropical amphibians in Costa Rica. He has served as a professor at Ranger College since 1984. His academic interests include herpetology and roadside geology. A lifelong conservationist, Dr. Glidewell also spearheads the Ranger College recycling program.

Gretchin Geye

Ms. Gretchin Geye, biology professor, concentrates on the nursing pre-requisite courses. Ms. Geye earned her bachelor’s degree in 1987 and master’s in biology (with a research area in microbiology) in 1991, both from Tarleton State University. She also holds a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction in physics from Texas A&M.

Ms. Geye lives with her husband outside of Rising Star, where they raise cattle, cotton, hay, and peanuts. They have three grown children. Their youngest daughter attends Texas A&M University.

Gordon Woolam

Gordon Woolam, biology professor, earned his bachelor’s degree in biology in 1977 and a master’s degree in plant pathology in 1980. Mr. Woolam teaches General Biology I & II and Microbiology.

Mr. Woolam has had a life-long interest in natural sciences, particularly biology and geology. He specializes in entomology and mycology.

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