Ranger College at Erath County

Our Erath County Center opened in January 2010, serving Stephenville and the surrounding area. We currently offer general education and continuing education courses.

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Though we're soon moving to our new, state-of-the-art facility, we're currently located in the Bosque River Center. The address is 2900 W. Washington 111, Stephenville, TX 76401. The entrance is located at the eastern side of the mall. Please note that the entrance does not face the inner part of the shopping center; the driveway to the entrance runs down the back of the eastern side of the shopping center.

Phone: 254-965-8875. Fax: 254-965-8855.

Vice President at Erath County: Dr. Kerry Schindler - kschindler@rangercollege.edu       


  • Visit our Admissions page.
  • Send official transcripts and test scores to Ranger College.
  • Once admitted to the college and obtaining a login from the Registrar's Office, visit CampusConnect to register online for your courses.


  • Visit our Schedules page for the latest information on classes at Erath County.

  • TSI Testing

    • Visit our Testing page for details on TSI testing at Erath County.