Ranger College is proud to offer a quality EMS Training Program. We have worked hard to create a program that will allow students from any level of education or EMS Certification to become a certified EMR, EMT-B, Advanced EMT, or EMT-Paramedic. We offer both certification and degree programs in Emergency Medical Services, and we are now accepting program applicants.

Each of our EMS courses has been designed to be offered in a blended format, meaning the didactic material will be given through online training and the hands-on skills will be practiced in the lab.
The online training will be in the forms of video, interactive diagrams, instructor interaction, virtual labs, and online testing. Students will have the ability to complete this portion of the course from anywhere with a computer and internet connection. We have a computer lab on campus where students can reserve time to complete course work if needed. We will have a full-time EMS instructor on campus throughout the week to assist students with questions, troublesome material, and even skills training.
Each semester students will be required to complete a Skills Week Intensive. These will be pre-scheduled and will take place toward the end of the semester. Depending on the certification level, students can expect these skills weeks to be either 5 days or 7-10 days in length.

For information about admission to the program, including both general admission to Ranger College and specific admission to the EMT program, click here. Also see the documents at the top right side of this page under “Links and Downloads” for additional information, including information about different types and levels of certificates and degrees.

Ranger College’s EMT Training Program is administered through a partnership with The Training Division, an emergency services training company that was developed by firefighters for firefighters, fire recruits, and Emergency Medical Service personnel. To contact a representative of The Training Division with questions about the program, please write to:


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