Faculty and Staff Email and Phone Directory

Our main campus number is 254.647.3234. The email address of a Ranger College employee is their first initial followed by their last name (Jane Smith would be jsmith@rangercollege.edu). Optionally, you may click a name from the list below, automatically opening your email client.

Name Extension Title/Department
Adams, Billy 7039 Vice President for Instruction
Adams, Dayton 7061 Assistant Coach--Rodeo
Adhikari, Shobhakhar 7029 Math
Allred, Cindy 254.647.8875 Cosmetology
Ashton, Anggita 254.965.8875 Academic Advisor
Attridge, Ryan 7045 Head Athletic Trainer
Bailey, Jon Dixon 7070 Vice President for Workforce Development
Bailey, Nell 7004 Assistant to the Dean of Students
Beltran, Cherie 7038 Dean of Administration
Beltran, Jaime 7047 Head Coach--Men's and Women's Soccer
Beran, Michael 7043 IT Director
Blakley, Josh 7062 Head Coach--Baseball
Bonney, Mike TBA MCG/Security
Brauker, Ted 7003 Choir Director
Burns, Shirley 7019 Secretary--Registar's Office
Campion, William 7034 President
Cardin, Matt 254.965.8875 English; Academic Advisor
Cherry, Evonne 7042 Bursar
Cockburn, Jim 7014 Director of Student Support Services
Constancio, Emily 7028 Math
Culverhouse, Robert 7040 Chief Financial Officer
Daily, Kevin 7001 Debate Coach; Speech
Davis, Kathy 7071 Nursing
Dossey, Rianna 325-646-0022 Cosmetology
Edwards, Kenny TBA MCG Technician
Espinosa, Brandon TBD Head Coach—JV Basketball
Feaster, Stan 7017 Assistant to the President
Fisher-Gasper, Jeffrey 7062 Assistant Coach--Baseball
Fletcher, Norman 7031 Chair of the Division of Math
Flora, Stephen 7044 Director and Advisor at Brown County
Flournoy, Kathleen 7049 History
Fox, Billy TBA JV Coach--Baseball
Fox, Darrell 7000 Security
Geye, Gretchen 325-641-5726 Science
Gillispie, Billy 254-647-5354 Head Coach--Men's Basketball
Glidewell, Jerry 7030 Chair of the Division of Science
Glueck, Herman TBA Agriculture
Graham, Kathy 7067 Head Coach - Cross Country and Track
Guillen, Evelyn 7013 Data Entry Specialist - Student Support Services
Harrison, Justin 7047 Assistant Coach--Men's Soccer
Hampton, Sylvia 7006 Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Hawvermale, Lance 7025 Chair of the Division of Humanities and Fine Arts; Webmaster
Heard, Rodney 7059 Assistant Coach--Men's Basketball
Herrod, Wendy 325-646-0022 Cosmetology
Hilton, Don 7006 Director of Financial Aid
Honeycutt, Shayla 7008 Financial Aid Customer Service Clerk
Hunt, Wes 7062 Assistant Coach--Baseball
Jackson, Jeffery 7006 Assistant Coach--Baseball
Jefferies, Becky 7041 Payroll/Benefits Coordinator
Johnson, Shelby 7066 Assistant Coach--Softball/Volleyball
Jones, Jeff 7068 Welding
Jones, Roger 7026 English
Knight, Louise 7032 Accounts Payable
Lawrence, Calvin 7052 Dean of Developmental Studies
Lemaster, Chuck 7060 Master Technician
Lewis, Brent 7018 Head Coach--Volleyball
Lewis, Steve 7060 Assistant to the Director of MCG; Locksmith
Lopez, Ray 7060 MCG Technician; Campus Support
Lucky, Kathy 7023 Admissions Assistant
Madore, Jon 7009 Library Assistant
McGriff, Manuel 7010 Vice President for Student Affairs
Mikolajcik, John 7053 Speech
Moore, Kristen 325.641.5726 Nursing
Moreno, Bonnie 325.641.5726 Advisor/Spanish Instructor
Moreno, Orlando 325.641.5726 Vice President -- Brown County
Nelson, Amanda 7050 English
Orsini, Sarah 7015 Tutor Coordinator
Park, Yong-Hee 7016 Government
Pettit, Jessica 7047 Assistant Coach--Women's Soccer
Price, Elizabeth 7022 Retention Coordinator
Priddy, Marlin 7068 Welding; Director of Workforce Development
Ramirez, Luis 7020 Assistant Registrar
Rhine, Barbara 325.641.5726 Associate Degree Nursing Instructor
Rhine, John 7011 Transfer & Career Advisor for Student Support Services
Rieke, Ron TBA Math
Roach, Jonathan 7027 Chair of the Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Robinson, Robert 7058 Head Coach--Women's Basketball
Rogers, Travis 7060 MCG/Security
Rose, Crystal TBA Psychology
Rust, Llew 7061 Head Coach--Rodeo
Scalley, Lori 325.203.5013 Nursing
Schindler, Kerry 254-965-8875 Vice President--Erath County
Slaughter, John 7019 or 7020 Dean of Enrollment Management/Registrar
Smith, Doug 7021 Director of Counseling
Spencer, Delinda 7037 Human Resources
Steele, Marlene 325.356.2170 Nursing
Stringer, Cynthia 254.647.3120 Bookstore Manager
Thompson, Reba Kay 325.641.5726 RN Instructor
Tyson, Patrice 7065 PBX Operator/Receptionist
Van Horne-Carguill, Etla 325.647.5726 Associate Degree Nursing Instructor
Wallace, Joshua 7012 Director of Learning Resources / Librarian
Wells, Tommy 7022 Public Information Officer
Williams, Sherry 254.647.5184 Nursing
Winslow, Michael 940.564.4111 Dean of Olney Center
Woolam, Gordon TBA Biology
Woosley, Brenda 325.356.2170 Director of Nursing--Comanche Center
Yeats, Alta 325.646.0022 Cosmetology
Zapata, Carolyn 325.641.5726 Dean of Nursing