Faculty and Staff Email and Phone Directory

The email address of a Ranger College employee is their first initial followed by their last name (Jane Smith would be jsmith@rangercollege.edu). Optionally, you may click a name from the list below, automatically opening your email client.

Name Extension Title/Department
Adams, Billy 213 Vice President for Instruction
Adams, Tammy 244 Chief Financial Officer
Bailey, Nell 226 Assistant to the Dean of Students
Barkemeyer, KeSha 254-965-8875 Director of Continuing Education
Beltran, Cherie 647-1414 Librarian
Beltran, Jaime 704-806-5059 Head Coach--Men's and Women's Soccer
Beran, Michael 254-212-5395 IT Director
Blakley, Josh 647-5483 Head Coach--Baseball
Bonney, Mike 254-631-9097 MCG/Security
Bostic, Don 325-641-5726 Executive Vice President--Brown County Campus
Burcham, Connie 325-356-2170 Director of Nursing--Eastland/Ranger Campus
Burns, Shirley 215 Secretary--Registar's Office
Campion, William 222 President
Cherry, Evonne 214 Bursar
Cockburn, Jim 224 Director of Student Support Services
Cross, Solomon 647-5172 Chair of Division of Fine Arts; Choir Director
Culverhouse, Robert 215 Assistant Registrar
Davis, Patty 325-641-5726 Director of Nursing--Brown County Center
Deaver, David 647-3375 Athletic Director; Director of Physical Plant
Dossey, Rianna 325-646-0022 Cosmetology
Edwards, Kenny 647-3214 MCG Technician
Fletcher, Norman 216 Chair of the Division of Math
Flournoy, Kathleen 647-5184 Anthropology; History
Fox, Billy JV Coach--Baseball
Fox, Darrell 254-631-9097 Security
Gann, Johnny 226 Dean of Students
Gann, Linda 647-5200 Business; Chair of Workforce Programs
Garrison, Avery 647-1414 Library Assistant; Soccer Assistant
Geye, Gretchen 325-641-5726 Science
Glidewell, Jerry 216 Chair of the Division of Science
Glueck, Herman Agriculture
Grissom, Patrice 647-3234 PBX Operator/Receptionist
Guinn, Marnita 325-646-5726 Dean of Nursing
Haralson, Jordan 647-5436 Welding
Harvey, Billie 216 Director of Forensics; History
Hawvermale, Lance 245 English; Honors; Webmaster
Herod, Wendy 325-646-0022 Cosmetology
Hilton, Don 217 Director of Financial Aid
Hodge, Anita 647-3214 Maintenance
Jackson, Jeffery   Assistant Coach--Baseball
TBD 212 Payroll/Benefits Coordinator
Jones, Roger 241 Chair of the Division of Humanities & Social/Behaviorial Science
Knight, Louise 207 Accounts Payable
Kostiha, Kimberly 217 Financial Aid Assistant
Lambert, Blaze Assistant Coach--Baseball
Lamprecht, Debbie Computer Information Systems
Lemaster, Chuck 647-3214 Master Technician
Lewis, Steve 647-3214 Assistant to the Director of MCG; Locksmith
Lopez, Ray 647-3214 MCG Technician; Campus Support
Lumetta, Kyle 647-3214 Maintenance
Martin, April 254-968-2111 Cosmetology
Miller, Jason 254-968-2111 Head Coach--Softball
Moore, Tim   Head Coach--Golf
Moore, Tresia 647-1551 Cafeteria Manager
Newton, Cindy 254-968-2111 Cosmetology
O'Neill, Miles Head Coach--Cross-Country
Ortiz, Heather 254-647-5200 Director of Developmental Studies
Park, Yong-Hee Government
Price, Elizabeth TBD Retention Coordinator
TBD 223 Data Entry Specialist for Student Services
Reynolds, Charles 221 Speech
Robinson, Robert   Head Coach--Women's Basketball
Roger, Travis 254-631-9097 MCG/Security
Rust, Llew 647-1571 Head Coach--Rodeo
Schindler, Kerry 254-965-8875 Vice President--Erath County
Shaffer, Hayley 240 Head Coach--Volleyball
Simpson, Terry 631-1870 Assistant Coach--Volleyball
Slaughter, John 215 Dean of Enrollment Management/Registrar
Smith, Brandi 217 Financial Aid Assistant
Smith, Doug 219 Director of Counseling
Stringer, Cynthia 647-3120 Bookstore Manager
Voight, Jimmy 647-5354 Head Coach--Men's Basketball
Washburn, Dava 233 Dean of Administration
Wilson, Dianne 647-3375 Office Manager to the Vice President of Instruction
Woosley, Brenda 325-356-2170 Director of Nursing--Comanche Center
Yeck, Laura 232 Director of Human Resources


  • Dr. Bill Campion, President
  • Dr. Don Bostic, Executive Vice President - Brown County
  • Dr. Kerry Schindler, Vice President - Erath County
  • Mr. Billy Adams, Vice President for Student Instruction
  • Mr. Johnny Gann, Dean of Students
  • Dr. Dava Washburn, Dean of Administration
  • Mr. John Slaughter, Dean of Enrollment Management
  • Dr. Marnita Guinn, Dean of Nursing
  • Mrs. Tammy Adams, Chief Financial Officer