Dual-Credit High School Students

Ranger College is committed to working with more than 24 school districts throughout its service area to ensure that high school students graduate and enter higher education. The associate degree offered by community colleges is the fastest growing workplace credential in America. Community colleges are the primary source of transfer students to area universities. Given that area residents who enroll in higher education attend community colleges more than any other college or university, it makes sense that ISDs and Ranger College would work together to address the state's Closing the Gaps initiative and Early College Start (ECS)/ dual-credit opportunities.

Working together, ISDs and Ranger College are well-equipped to focus in the quality of teaching and the learning experience in many ways:

Transfer success: Research shows Ranger College students who transfer fo four-year institutions have comparable GPAs and graduate slightly sooner than students who begin at four-year institutions. Core curriculum classes already transfer seemlessly.

Accredited instruction: Ranger College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). Ranger College faculty hiring credentials are the same as four-year universities.

Instructional options: Ranger College is uniquely qualified to meet increasing demands for technical training and traditional transfer opportunities. Early College Start programs include dual credit, co-enrollment, and Tech Prep.

Personalized instruction: Students receive hands-on instruction at conveniently located campuses or centers, or through college-level courses taught on high school campuses. Online courses are also available.

Geared for learning: Ranger College offers smaller classes and more opportunities for individual attention to help retain younger and first-in-family students.

Support services: Students taking ECS courses have access to important student support services such as tutoring, counseling, advising, and library services.