Counseling & Advising

The goal of the Counseling Office is to help students achieve academic success and personal growth by providing the following services:

Career Counseling
* Provides counseling in career selection.
* Career tests available by request.
* Assistance with resume writing and interview preparation.

All students who enter a public college/university must test before they can enroll in college-level classes unless they are exempt from testing (See Counselor for exemptions). Ranger College administers the Accuplacer Test which is a computerized test that has been approved by the state for testing purposes.

Job Placement
Ranger College provides placement services to assist students in obtaining part-time and full-time employment.

Interested students should come by the Counselor’s office located in the Golemon Library Building to fill out a Job Placement Request form so a file can be set up containing information such as job interests, skills and additional contact information. The student will then be notified as jobs become available. Current job openings are posted on a bulletin board in the Golemon Library Building, Business Building, and also at the off-campus centers.

Assistance and information are available for writing resumes, preparing for interviews, and completing employment applications.

Job information is only provided by Ranger College if the prospective employer is in full compliance with Equal Employment Opportunities guidelines. Placement services comply with all federal civil rights legislation concerning non-discrimatory employment practices including those of color, race, sex, creed, national origin, religion, marital status, age or disability.

Personal Counseling
The Counseling Office provides free, confidential counseling services to assist students in coping with the unique stressors of college life.

ADA Services
It is the goal of Ranger College to make the educational experience of every student a successful one. In striving to accomplish this goal, Ranger College attempts to create an environment that is conducive to learning by providing multifaceted academic, personal, and professional support to students with disabilities.

You may download a Special Accommodations form (PDF) and return it to our office.

Application for Services:
For the student coming to Ranger College for the first time, the first step will be to arrange an appointment with the ADA Coordinator located in the Golemon Library by calling 254-647-3234, extension 7021, or via email at The student must provide documentation of the learning/psychological disability.

Acceptable Documentation Includes:
1. Testing results from the student’s high school.
2. Assessment results from the Texas Rehabilitation Commission (TRC).
3. Assessment results from the Texas Department of Assistive & Rehabilitative Services (DARS).
4. Results from a private psychologist or diagnostician.
5. Assessment report from a neurologist or other doctor.

The ADA Coordinator will discuss with the student the services and accommodations
provided by Ranger College and will acquaint the student with the process for securing these services.