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Ranger College educates for excellence. Our faculty and staff endeavor to bring to our students the most current, work-ready education possible. We enhance our region's "quality of place" by serving our community, by challenging our students to make a difference in the world around them, and by providing an education that is as affordable as it is exemplary.

Ranger College's Internet site is regularly updated and easy to navigate, providing quick access to syllabi, email addresses, phone numbers, and other information. We update our homepage frequently with the latest news about events at Ranger. Our homepage is

Timely Service:
When students request information from our faculty and staff, we strive to respond as quickly as possible, as we're concerned about the long "wait times" that sometimes accompany such requests on a college campus. We also post our course schedule in a timely manner, making it easily located on our website and thus enhancing the student experience at Ranger College.

Printed Information:
When we publish such material as course schedules, handbooks, and course catalogs, we post these on the website as soon as possible so that our students and our community can stay current on the happenings here on our dynamic campus.

Complaint Procedure

At Ranger College, we believe in fairness and equality. When there's a problem, we work hard to see that any complaint or grievance is addressed. Any currently enrolled student who has a question or complaint about student life, student services, or student obligations should use the Student Handbook as their first resource. Further guidelines can be found there. Employees with concerns should discuss the issue with their supervisor, director, dean, or department head. Individuals or groups external to the college should speak directly with Ranger's Customer Service Representative:

Dr. Elizabeth Price
1100 College Circle
Ranger College
Ranger, TX 76470
(254) 647-5200