AGRI 1307: Agronomy
Principles and practices in the development, production, and management of field crops including plant breeding, plant disease, soils, insect control, and weed control.

AGRI 1311 – Dairy Science
Survey of the dairy industry including dairy breeds, standards for selection and culling, herd replacements, feeding, management, physiology, and health maintenance. Food value for milk, test for composition and quality, and use and processing of market milk and dairy products.

AGRI 1319 – Introductory Animal Science
Scientific animal agriculture. Importance of livestock and meat industries. Selection, reproduction, nutrition, management, and marketing of beef cattle, swine, sheep, goats, and horses.

AGRI 1325 – Marketing of Agricultural Products
Operation in the movement of agricultural commodities from producer to consumer, including the essential marketing function of buying, selling, transporting, storing, financing, standardizing, pricing, and risk bearing.

AGRI 2317 – Introduction to Agricultural Economics
Fundamental economic principles and their applications to the problems of the industry of agriculture.

AGRI 2330 - Wildlife Conservation and Management
Principles and practices used in the production and improvement of wildlife resources for aesthetic, ecological, and recreational uses of public and private lands.

AGRI 2403: Agricultural Construction I
Selection, use and maintenance of hand and power tools; arc and oxy-acetylene welding; and construction materials and principles.